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Sparkeez is an 85-minute animated feature film, based on an original story: Ampiria - the Secret of the Green Kingdom. Written by award-winning author Dalia Stenzler, it combines adventure, fantasy and action … all spiced with a bit of comedy.

Since 2011 Yeadim Animation & Games is engaged in the development and production of Sparkeez In cooperation with world class talents such as writer and producer Norman Grossfeld and other artistic talents.

Yeadim Animation & Games has developed Sparkeez  as a whole family animated feature film presents dilemmas from the fields of renewable energy and environmental, offering children a captivating and challenging experience. Yeadim Animation & Games has provided the required investments and methodological support to the Sparkeez development and branding process for creating Sparkeez as a movie followed by multi-media experience of games and multimedia tools that will motivate kids to get involved in sharing the earth care messages associated with environmental responsibility, in an ongoing environmental struggle for Earth.

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