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Yeadim Animation & Games was founded in 2011 by Ms. Dalia Stenzler. The company is operating in order to meet opportunities available on the global market, while making the most of the methodological experience and developmental abilities accumulated by the Mother Company - Yeadim Institute ltd, which operates primarily with public companies.

Yeadim Multi-Cultural Programs

Led by Ms. Dalia Stenzler, Yeadim Animation & Games specializes in the development, writing and production of animated films, games and creative products.  All products and their creative contents are adapted to suit a variety of target audiences. All contents and products are suited to the psychological and sociological needs and characteristics of the specific target audience.  The company is equipped with an assortment of diverse resources and employs the services of top world class writers, developers and designers, as well as expert researchers and academic consultants in fields such as behavioral sciences, psychology and pedagogic areas.


About Us

Dalia Stenzler (Born Israel, 1955) is an author and award-winning game developer, who has created and developed programs and games that are recognized worldwide.  She is the owner and CEO of Yeadim Animation & Games.

Dalia Stenzler established the Yeadim Instituteltd ltd (1989) where her work won many prizes in the field of game and programes development. In the framework of her work, Mrs. Stenzler has authored many books as well as children's games. Stenzler has written and edited many books, articles and games.  Many of the programs she has developed have been a breakthrough in the pedagogical-community field and become widely acclaimed.  Among others, Stenzler has developed board games such as "The Enchanted Island", which has been sold all over the world.  Stenzler has also written children's books, among them: "Games in the Neighborhood", "Journey in the Land of Light" and others. Her major projects include:  "Hafalopedia", a 12-volume encyclopedia of social and cultural activities; "Path of Light" - an educational environmental program that was developed for Israel Electric Company, used throughout Israel by some 150 municipalities in some 1600 schools, which instructs children how to behave properly when using electricity both in terms of safety and conserving electricity. In 2011, Dalia established Yeadim Animation & Games ltd, which is active in the international market. 


About Dalia

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