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Yeadim animation & Games' groundbreaking methodological development is tailored to the needs of both child and parent. In the framework of its content development process, the company researches relevant needs and develops methodological solutions and games, integrating available technologies so as to provide the child with a rich, enjoyable, educational and empowering game experience. All products and their creative contents are adapted to suit a variety of target audiences psychological and sociological needs and characteristics of the specific target audience.  The company is equipped with an assortment of diverse resources and employs the services of top writers, developers and designers, as well as expert researchers and academic consultants in fields such as behavioral sciences, psychology and pedagogic areas.


     Enriching Games Development

The series of Opptalk games is a series of games comprising about 100 games for developing skills of children aged 3 to 8. The games are based on a speaking doll and game cards and are sold across the globe with enormous success. The games series was developed in the wake of an approach by the Glob International Company. Through a process of research and development accompanied by developmental psychologists, a skills model was developed, as well as methodical patterns applicable to the specific game mode selected by the customer. By means of the developed unique skills model, Yeadim’s development and research teams created a rich game content for the child and parents while applying and utilizing the pedagogic and methodological information resources at the company’s service.​

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